Wedding Zine Purchase Form

Wedding Zine Purchase Form
A selection of love notes, quotes or words relating to your marriage, which are meaningful to you. We suggest favourite quotes, pull-outs from your guest book, your vows and notes and cards written by wedding guests and absent friends and family.
This will be on the first page (inside cover) of the zine and the first thing viewers of your zine will read.
This will be on the inside of the back cover and the last thing viewers of your zine will read.
What will be the title of your zine? Would you like the wedding date on the cover? Some of our suggestions include 'Mrs & Mrs', your own names or 'Happily Ever After'.
If you have selected an image for your cover, please type its file name here. Ie. IMG_209.jpg
What wording would you like on the spine of your zine? We suggest something similar to your cover title.
Additional copy is at $150 when order together with your main Wedding Zine.