How would you describe your style?

My goal is to capture the day as it unfolds, real moments and emotions. I try to blend in and document what is naturally occurring on your day without too much direction or posing. My style is very much documentary with a mix of natural-looking portraits.


Can we meet?

Absolutely. Let’s grab a coffee and chat all about your wedding plan whether it’s before booking or before the wedding day. I’m usually in city after 5pm during weekday. If you’re far from city, we can schedule a Skype meeting.


How and when do we receive our photos?

You will receive between 600-800 edited (depending on package you choose), a private online gallery where you can order high quality prints easily with Australian photo lab and high resolution images on USB. Post production typically takes 8 weeks.


Do you shoot elopement?

I sure do. If you plan to have an elopement with 20 guests or less, please ask me for elopement pricing.


Do you shoot from a ‘shot list’ of images?

You may have seen ‘a shot list’ from wedding blogs and wondering if you should make your own list and send to me. The short answer is no, I don’t use a shot list when shooting the wedding. I approach wedding with photo-journalistic approach and capture what happens before me. I prefer to document ‘the real & genuine’ moments rather than posing you just to complete the shot list. But if there is a certain photo you want with someone, or something special you want photographed, definitely let me know.


Do you retouch the photos?

Generally no, I don’t retouch photos. I may do simple retouch to remove pimple or blemish in some close-up photos. However, I don’t do retouch in regards to removing weight, wrinkles etc.


How much time do you need for B&G photos?

This depends on how many locations you would like to go for portrait photos. I recommend a maximum of 2 locations and somewhere nearby ceremony or reception area so you will have more time for photos and less time travelling. The best time to have portrait photos done is 1 – 1.5 hour before sunset. If you can plan to have photos around that time, that would be ideal. I can help you with the wedding timeline and suggest the locations for photos, just ask!


Can you help us with the wedding run sheet?

Yes. The earlier I am involved with the planning process, the better. That way I can give you my suggestions at an early stage and you would still be able to change things before it’s too close to the wedding day.


Do you have insurance and backup equipments?

Yes and yes.


We’d like to book you for our wedding! What’s next?

That’s fantastic! Just contact me using the contact form with all the wedding details and we’ll go from there.


We still have questions.

Feel free to get in touch with me with any questions you have.